Maintenance Programed at 06/13/2021 18:00pm Server Time
Here is the list of some fixes and updates in game, please read careful so you are aware of the changes.

Server Bugs/Fixes

  • Fixed LFC underground glich
  • Vote system cache has been cleaned, faster deliver time.
  • Banned players who tried abuse the vote and ban from IP voting
  • Other bug fixes.

Game Changes

  • Fashion ingots store added 
  • Exp from characters 60 to 75 has been raised x0.35 (This include Quests and Monsters)
  • Quiz event has been translate into english. (google translator :D)

New in Game

  • New cap level increased to .75
  • Trivia event, answer every questions will give you 2ebs.

For next patch on Sunday 20th, the maintenance time will be at 10pm server time due TW time.
For next patch we will add, 4 new fashions sets (all with stats), 6 new pets 

For Trivia event, it will start every day every 2 hours and the event will least 30minutes.
Please remember to answer in common chat every question you see in world chat. 
The first players that answer wins

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