Maintenance Programed at 06/07/2021 18:00pm Server Time
Here is the list of some fixes and updates in game, please read careful so you are aware of the changes.

Server Bugs/Fixes

  • Fixed teleport to amaz wrong cords.
  • Fixed mobs at Gallio region that crash your game.
  • Fixed quest in Gallio that crash the game.
  • Fixed crash after teleport to Gallio. (some players)
  • Reduced the buffering between teleports.
  • Other Fixes.

Game Changes

  • Nethmoon, Nethstar, Nethastro, Nethgalaxy and Nethcosmo rings has been unlocked.
  • Dungeon RT l bosses level has increase.

New in Game

  • 4 new fashions set in game repository (both fashions has defence stats).
  • Dungeon RT l last boss now drop Maven/Hellion recipe - weapon. (diplo)
  • New buffs items on H.R (Lv45+ only) 

All buffs has a time, once the time has expire the item will dissapear.
If you still crash at Gallio please let us know so we fix as soon as posible.

The new cap level will be released at 06/13/2021 
The new cap level will be level 75.

Please let us know if we should add an instant class change or leave as is now.


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